Wednesday, 4 March 2009

63/365 - Runners

Recently I've been doing what I'm calling my "one lens project". Basically I'm only using one lens for days/weeks at a time. I started a couple of weeks ago and (almost) exclusively used my 60mm macro lens from 22nd to 2nd since then I'm only packing my 10-22mm wide angle zoom. I'm thinking I'll leave my standard zoom out of this project or maybe use it with the zoom ring taped in position. So far it has been really good fun. The two main benefits besides carrying a lighter load are:

1) I'm forced to work harder with my positioning and composition to get around the inflexability of the lens (especially true for the prime). It makes me approach familiar subjects differently and also makes me look for new subjects.

2) I'm learning more about each lens feels e.g. Today looking throught the wide angle zoom I was surprised at how the runners looked far away but a second later I heard them pass me.

Not sure how long I'll keep this up but its fun for now.

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