Monday, 27 April 2009

117/365 - Surprise Package

I arrived home from work this evening to find a package wedged under my door mat (thanks An Post for taking such good care of my post).

I couldn't remember ordering anything from ebay or the internet so I assumed something had gone wrong somewhere an I had someones else's package.

However on opening it I saw it contained this T-Shirt and, given the number of guitars I own, I knew it was intended for me.

I have my ideas as to who may have sent it, so thank you. It is awesome.

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  1. Just how many guitars is that?

  2. In total it is about 6 - I say that because I technically sold one to a former colleague but he never paid me so it's still mine, but in his house. There are two more if you count my Guitar Hero controllers!

  3. ...I'm always looking for more though