Wednesday, 21 January 2009

21/365 - Gehen Sie geradeaus

I remember being made to chant that phrase again an again in German class.

I went on a big explore at lunch and discovered an area of the City I've never been to before. I discovered places I'd only previously heard of like Moorgate tube and the Barbican centre. There is a neat set of elevated walkways from Moorgate to Barbican - I spent some time exploring but never strayed far from the yellow line.

The Barbican complex is pretty amazing. It's all in fantatic 60/70s concrete which I love. I'm definately going to spend some more time there wandering around.

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  1. To what kind of German class / school have you been???

    In the school I attended during my childhood in Germany we were allowed to go (and think) in every direction we want. We jumped and played and shouted (like children normally do) during the breaks between the lessons. There have been no straight lines on the ground of our schoolyard - we children coloured and configured it with a stick of chalk.
    Definitely we made different experiences during our schooltimes. And this appears to influence us until today.
    Does it even influence the sylte we take photos nowadays???

    Regards from Germany,

    you-wee / Uwe.

  2. I learnt German at High School in the UK for 2 years but none of it really stuck except this one phrase that in one lesson the whole class had to repeatedly chant for what seemed like forever