Thursday, 31 December 2009

365/365 - The End

It is finished!

I've done it - who would have thought? I've learn't a lot about my photography along the way. I've tried shooting things I would have never looked at before. Fallen in and out of love with my G10 and out and in love with my DLSR. I've learn't that I don't like shooting black and white as much as I used to. I've perfected the "2 minutes to midnight something in my house" shot (find a empty surface, place item down, bounce a flash off the ceiling then go to bed). I discovered that flickr + lego = hundreds of views. But the biggest change I've made to the way I take photos is that I'm increasingly imagining the shot I want before I take it, maybe days or weeks before for photos that need lots of planning or more likely just moments before but either way I try to see it first in my head and then realise it with the camera.

Life has changed a lot over the last year too. The biggest change of course is the new addition to our family she is awesome and I totally recomend that everyone get one if they can. I can't thank my wife enough for her patience with me this year, despite us having loads on our plate she has let me complete the daily ritual of shoot/process/upload (nearly) without complaint.

I'd like to thank my brother Pete for being my running mate in this photographic marathon, I'm so proud of him he has really stepped up his photography this year to meet the challenge of 365. It has also been great being in touch with him daily through the project blog - it is nice to know he's there even though he lives in a different country.

Thanks to everyone who has been looking in this last year, it has been fun doing it and I hope you've enjoyed watching.


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