Sunday, 20 September 2009

263/365 - Stab in the back

Congratulations to Pete, Welsh Andrew and Wayne for correctly guessing the theme linking this weeks photos. The theme was "How to make friends and inflence people" - Terrorvision's breakthrough albumn of 1994. Each photo was based on a track from the album and I have another weeks worth to go next week (I shalln't be doing the hidden bonus track). I've gone back and updated the titles and added lyrics to the comments. Inspiration for the theme came in part from The Wee Pixie who has been doing 30 songs in 30 days and in part from the fact that Terrorvision are touring again this Autumn/Wnter to celebrate 15 years since the relaease of HTMFAIP (I'm seeing them in Cambridge in December - woo hoo). Thanks again to everyone who guessed and I'm sorry it was so obscure but at least the people who know be best were able to work it out.


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