Wednesday, 4 February 2009

35/365 - Garages

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  1. Hi Pete. How do you always manage to post your photos at 9:00 exactly?

  2. That is a great question, the fact is that I very very disciplined with these things :)

    Actually I set a lot of my posts to be published in advance by setting the time and date in the 'Post Options' when creating the post.

    Although by the true definition of project 365 you're meant to take a photo everyday but I currently post a photo everyday which has been taken in the last week.

    I do this because I leave the house when it's dark, spend all day at work (where I can't take photos) and drive home in the dark.

    I know this cheating slightly and I hope to be better at taking the photo on the day as the nights get shorter and the weather gets better.

    You may notice that there is no photo for today so I will be forced to take one today!